NOTE! If you are NOT an email administrator and don't own or manage your own email server, you should never have to remove yourself from this list. Instead, contact your ISP. It is either a problem only they can fix, or you do NOT have your email client set up correctly. (Try using port 587 with SMTP authentication, or ask your help desk)

If you happen to find your own IP Address being labelled as a 'RAT' and you think it is by accident, you can remove it quite easily. However, there are some conditions.

If you are on RATS-Dyna, your reverse DNS is probably not set up correctly. The reverse DNS appears to be that of a generic home connection, i.e. "". You should not be sending email from there except via a professionally run mail server. Also, if you are running a mail server on that IP Address, then you are not conforming to the 'Best Practices' for ISPs and network operators. (See references) You will have to fix your reverse DNS first, before you can remove your IP address from our list. (If you can't send to your own ISP, then they are not using the RAT-Dyna in the correct fashion, or you are not using SMTP AUTH. Ask you ISP to look at this link, or ask about setting up your email client properly.)

If you are on RATS-NoPtr, you have NO reverse DNS. Again, you have not conforming to the 'Best Practices'. You will have to get your reverse DNS working before you can be removed from the list. You should be doing this anyways.

If you are on RATS-Spam, there could be many reasons why you triggered our automatic 'RAT' detection traps. However, it could have been by accident, or you may have had a user account compromised, etc. You DO have outbound rate limiters, don't you? In either case, we aren't prejudiced. Feel free to remove your IP address at any time. Hopefully you don't abuse this privilege!

If you are on RATS-Auth, your address has been detected as being the source of a trojan/bot attack specifically used to try and guess passwords, or similar techniques by attempting to just 'authenticate' without really sending email.

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