List Description

This is a list of IP addresses that have been repeatably observed or reported as sending spam emails in large volumes, which is usually because compromised servers, hosts, or relays. The list has ultra-low false positive rates because an IP Address is only added when a significant amount of spam-style emails and behavior have been reported or observed.

While mail operators can easily delist themselves from this list, their IPs would get added back on the list if the underlying problem in their system is not resolved. We highly recommend utilizing this list in your anti-spam protection systems.

Server and Mail system operators: If you see an IP Address in your network being listed here and the IP Address is not used for mailing purposes, then you should investigate why the host on the IP Address got on this list (the server/host could be compromised or misconfigured) before delisting.

List Specifications

This represents approximately 25% of the most abusive forms of wasted overhead facing mail servers.

Download / Install

You should not need to 'install' anything. Just ensure that your RBL Lookup tool is set to point to ''.


Feel free to remove any IP address from this list. Removal is done automatically.

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