Configuring SpamRATS on Axigen

To see if you qualify for free usage of the SpamRATS Reputation lists, please review our Terms of Service.

For deeper insight into what the SpamRATS RBLs are about, check out our whitepaper.

How to configure SpamRATS RBLs on Axigen MTA

In the Axigen MTA, the SpamRATS RBL protection can be configured through the Axigen WebAdmin interface:
Axigen WebAdmin >> Security & Filtering >> Additional AntiSpam Methods >> DNSBL (DNS Blacklist)

After accessing the DNSBL configuration page, click on Add new RBL list and insert the required data from the information displayed below.

    Operator name: RATS-Dyna
    DNS Blacklist:
    Operator name: RATS-NoPtr
    DNS Blacklist:
    Operator name: RATS-Spam
    DNS Blacklist:

Warning: Please remember that you will NOT be able to use public DNS servers to query our data. You will need your own DNS servers in place that clearly identifies who is making the query before we can allow you access to the SpamRATS DNSBL Public Mirrors. With a subscription, there are alternative ways to get data.

Blocked Users

You may find that your ability to query the SpamRATS DNSBL Public Mirrors has been restricted. This could be due to the usage not falling within our Terms of Service. Before restricting any queries we try to reach out via email. Please check to see if you received an email from at your public email address. If you have received the message, please reply to it.

If you would like to continue using the SpamRATS RBLs, please contact us and include the IP(s) that you used to query in your email.

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