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SpamRats is one of the industry's leading reputation services providing RBL services and data feeds, with over 15 years of threat data making it one of the most reliable sources of threat intelligence. We provide several different lists of IP Addresses to better suit you individual needs.

Subscription Info

Access is FREE for MOST people.

(However if you are a large email provider (e.g. > 5000 mailboxes) or you are selling/providing commercial spam protection you should be contributing to this effort. We do reserve the right to refuse access without a subscription for those types of companies.

For subscription information and costs, please visit our Subscription page for more information.)

Other AntiSpam Tools

Dynamic Regex - Dynamic Regular Expression Testing is part of our suite of tools, used to identify address spaces that are not meant to be mail servers.

Blacklist Monitoring - HetrixTools will monitor all your IPs and notify you if they get blacklisted, highly recommended

MIPSpace - MIPSpace is a list of IP Addresses associated with known commercial marketing companies.


RATS-Dyna - Probable PC or home connection infected with a Trojan, Bot, or Emailer Program


RATS-NoPtr - An IP Address which has no reverse DNS, and probably the home of a SpamBot


RATS-Spam - An IP Address that has been shown to be abusive (Use at your own risk)


RATS-Auth - An IP Address that has been shown to be used in an AUTH Attack

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